Welcome Buyer in AndroidMoney.info course,

This is the first and last, exclusive course created for BlackhatWorld community, limited to 80 people only with real methods to earn money with black hat, white hat and gray hat method applied to Android applications. You have came here from Internet Marketing forum but this is little different than normal social methods like Instagram, SEO or making money with Shopify.

This time you need to learn a lot of technical stuff, however it’s simple, all you need is time and little of “inteligence”. Of course, it is not so easy like it was in 2011 when I have started with coding, it was December 2011 and still, it’s my main income. I have earned arround $900 000 with Android applications but it was 2011-2015. Things were a lot easier, Google Play was without protection of AI (Google Bouncer system), market wasn’t saturated and people were hungry to get new applications. Still, the income is very big but you need to use black hat methods, or atleast gray hat methods to earn decent money. It is not easy like it was before but it is still possible.

Many developers says it is not possible in 2018 because market is saturated. They says true! 
It is not possible with white hat methods.

Big brands have taken over Google Play store. Big money is on the table and you cannot just enter to small aquarium and eat big fishes if you are and indie developer, plankton.

In this course I will teach you how to make money with android apps nowadays. This course is for newbies and advanced users. For newbies, I will suggest first steps but I cannot teach you how to code. There are hundreds or even thousands of free android development courses. You can learn fast and for free, coding basics. You don’t need to become a programmer but you need to know basics, enough to edit (reskin) existing android apps and implement black hat and gray hat code fragments from this course. You need to understand how it works. I will explain most of things but you need to know basics. How long it can take to learn basics? Well, for me it was 2 weeks and working 1-2 hours / day. After that I was able to build my first, poor application and make first money next weeks. Your job is easier, I’ve started in 2011 without resources and thousands of ready to use apps for reskin. You have huge library of materials, 100 % free and sites like CodeCanyon, Chupamobile, SellMyApp where you can find almost everything to reskin (change appearance) and add your ads inside.

So let’s start the journey, I will make sure that you will earn your few hundreds / day. You can always ask me anything using contact form. I am going to reply maximum in 12 hours.